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Why is it still difficult to stop the rampant of inferior capsules [LIFE Health] The news that leather capsules made a comeback in Zhejiang once again touched the hearts of people who are concerned about food and drug safety. Two years ago, when the Hebei gelatin case was reported, the regulatory authorities almost turned the entire pharmaceutical industry upside down. At the beginning of this year, the Food and Drug Administration system investigated the problematic gelatin nationwide. Although the regulatory authorities have used 18 martial arts, they still cannot resist the flow of inferior gelatin into the food and drug industry. This news, like boots landing, is actually not much accidental, but it once again verifies the difficult dilemma of Chinas food and drug safety. First of all, it can be seen that Pan’s complete set of equipment for capsule production only costs 10,000 yuan, and the threshold for capital and technology is very low, which means that criminals can easily start again in an inconspicuous place. Unfortunately, there are many such low-threshold areas around us, especially in the field of food and health products. Look at the various black workshops with disgusting index exploding. They have almost no technical content, and the practitioners are not much better than the illiterate. Supervisors belong to the regular army, and management of regular enterprises still needs to work hard. Fighting these countless guerrillas has no chance of winning at all. This is the biggest supervisory problem at present. Therefore, social co-governance is inevitable and helpless, and a people’s war must be launched so that every public becomes a sentinel. The case is still under investigation, and the most worrying thing is the flow of inferior capsules. For a black factory, the purchase inspection system and the ledger system are all clouds, but there should still be a small account book. Law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies need to find out the flow of inferior capsules as soon as possible and give the public a clear answer. Recovering inferior capsules is actually only one aspect. Although no experts will come out and say eating six capsules is okay, the fact is that the risk of this incident to public health is still very small. What is really important is to figure out who is buying the capsules from this channel. Perhaps I can follow the vine to discover the underground industry chain that manufactures and sells fake and inferior drugs, but I am more worried that I will eventually find that these capsules have been transferred or flowed into formal enterprises. . Poor quality capsules may not be completely eliminated for a long time, but consumers still have a firewall, that is, formal enterprises. The most fundamental social responsibility of an enterprise is to provide consumers with reliable products. If this firewall is down, where does consumer confidence come from After several gelatin turbulences, regulatory agencies and companies have been inferring from one another, round after round of dragnet investigations, if it still flows into formal enterprises, it is really embarrassing. Finally, let me talk about the principal culprit, Pan. He used to make capsules in a pharmaceutical factory, but he didnt expect the pharmaceutical factory to collapse and he was owed salary. He was originally a victim, but the pressure of survival and the urge to make money made him take risks, and ultimately harm others and himself. What awaits him is the most severe punishment, but we should reflect on the living conditions of these low-end practitioners. Leather capsules are generally not well-educated and lack employment competitiveness. For example, the dozen or so fellows employed by Pan Mou were also unemployed after the Hebei Gelatin Incident. If they dont do this, what else can they do, what else can they do If we reduce the number of small workshops and black factories, there will inevitably be a large wave of low-end practitioners who need to change their careers. It can be seen that food and drug safety is really not a simple issue of strengthening supervision, but a matter of improving the comprehensive governance capabilities of the society. ■ LIFE Health, a service information project of the new media experimental group of Caixin Media. Pay attention to life and health, medical TMT industry, sports fitness, food environment, and provide information and information in the field of general health. We believe that technology and humanities share the same goals for a healthy life and return to nature. For more information, please click Leather Capsule below to read the original text to view, or follow Sina, Tencent Weibo @财新Life, and the Flipboard client Life Health Channel. Contribution channel: life@caixin