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Suzuki Motorcycles new generation Falcon was unveiled, with a zero-hundred acceleration of 3.2 seconds, defying opponents, and greedy performance. Among the upgraded supercars, there are several models that have always been the favorites of many speed players; such as BMWs S1000RR, Kawasaki H2, Suzuki Hayabusa, Yamaha R1 and other models. Among these cars, the Suzuki Hayabusa is popular with fans for its unique appearance and performance, and the Suzuki Hayabusa often appears in various drag races. It is a perennial competitor with the Kawasaki H2. Manufacturers are upgrading and iterating in love and killing; no, Suzuki recently released the new third-generation Suzuki Hayabusa. Lets take a look at the highlights of this car. In terms of appearance design, the idea of ​​the new generation of Suzuki Hayabusa (HAYABUSA) is a powerful beast with a sense of design. The new generation of Suzuki Hayabusa mainly uses a large number of curved surfaces + linear design, from the headlights to the rear edge of the seat, retains the characteristics of the Hayabusa, but the rear of the seat does not raise the bottom like many sports motorcycles. Because of the linearity, the muffler is very prominent in the vision, and it looks higher than the second generation, but referring to the combination position of the rocker arm, no adjustment is found. This is the charm of the design; in addition, the new muffler is lowered by 2kg the weight of. All the light groups use LED light groups, with two vertically illuminated light groups on the front face, and air ducts called (SARD) are clamped on both sides. The brake lights are arranged on both sides, each with 4 LEDs. The instrument panel uses a combination of analog pointer + liquid crystal, covering multiple main information such as speed, fuel, speed, and water temperature. The electronic system is equipped with traction control to suppress the rear wheel slippage, anti-lift control to prevent the front wheel from idling, and an engine brake control system to control the strength and degree of engine braking; other such as cruise system, electronic fast train (fast Upgrade files), as well as a lot of functions such as corner ABS. In terms of braking, Suzuki Hayabusa’s front and rear braking is a combined braking that is connected to each other, which means that you brake the front and rear wheels will also work, so as to achieve stable and powerful braking performance. The brake kit is provided by Brembo. The front brake disc is changed from 310mm to 320mm, which can also effectively improve the heat dissipation capacity. The frame adopts the combination of aluminum double wing beam + aluminum rocker arm. The front and rear suspension uses KYB kit, which is fully adjustable, but not electronic suspension; now some high-end cars use electronic suspension, although the performance is strong , But once damaged, the repair cost is very high, and it requires professional tools and venues. In terms of power, a water-cooled four-cylinder 1304cc engine is used. The maximum horsepower is reached at 9700 rpm, which is 190 horsepower, which is much lower than the previous generations 197 horsepower; the maximum torque is 150NM/7000 rpm, which is somewhat lower than the previous generation 155NM. Although the paper power is reduced, this type of car will generally be modified after it is obtained, so it is not a problem to release more horsepower, not to mention the new 0-100km acceleration is 0.2 seconds less than the previous generation, reaching 3.2 seconds The main reason why the parameters can be reduced and the acceleration capacity can be improved is that the new technology has been used to increase the oil flow rate and pressure of the oil channel by 54%, so that the oil supply can be stably provided and the engine load can be reduced. The design speed of the whole vehicle is 299km. By the way, the clutch with this engine uses an auxiliary clutch system and a sliding clutch to make the control lighter. This car is divided into single-seater and two-seater versions. Of course, if you feel the pure Suzuki Hayabusa speed, single-seater is best; in addition, this car has made some adjustments to the shape of the water tank, and the whole visual appearance will look slender and slender. Lie down even more. Correspondingly, the vehicles fuel tank has changed from 21L of the previous generation to 20L. In terms of color matching, the new generation will have 3 colors, namely pearl white + blue, matte silver, and candy red; among them, the matte silver has the strongest impact and has a sci-fi and futuristic texture. Suzuki Motorcycle Finally, how do you feel about this new generation of super sports motorcycle-Suzuki Hayabusa Welcome to leave a message to discuss and share! Suzuki Motorcycle scan the code and add the editor WeChat to join the motorcycle exchange group backstage reply quote the latest car and car guide
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